Jordi started out drumming when he was 13. He didn’t have a drum set at that time, so he would hit anything he could get his hands on, such as chairs, sofas, cardboard boxes or her mother’s pots and pans. Over the years he learned to channel his wild, uncontrolled drumming energy towards a proper goal: music, and became the solid and versatile drummer that he is today. He has played many styles, including Rock, Pop, Metal, Funk, Blues, Soul, Electronic and World Music, and has contributed with his drumming in recordings, shows and tours for a diverse range of artists. These are some of the artists and bands Jordi has worked with: The Cannibal Queen, Larry Ray, De cara a la pared, Rose Moore, Ronnie Canada, Gertrudis, Treepoli, E. Billy Thompson, Carlos de France, Tony Baena, Sheila Weaver, Mattieu Jiménez, Rebecka Brown, Charles Rolle, Elèctric Vailets, Raúl Araya, Catalounge, PG Band, Jarana, Arena blanca, Soulid, Antonio Romera, For speakers only, Yolanda Sikara, Mike Kennedy, Clarence Bekker, Connie Lynch, Veronique Bossa, Damaris Martinez, Carlos Bravo and Edward Wade.